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Every clutch has to be removed and replaced in a way which is specific to each model of car.

This has to be completely accurate to enable the clutch and vehicle to perform correctly after installation – Clutch Expert arms the garage with the tools to do this.

Valeo Clutch Expert helps through their expertise and guidance to assist the garage to fit the correct clutch and how to do it. If you would like, a technical shoulder to lean on.

Clutch Expert give the garage information on all the cars Valeo clutches fit onto, added help on how to fit the clutch onto your car and a guideline on how long this will take your garage to do this replacement.
clutch expert

Why use a Clutch Expert garage?

Valeo only supports garages through their Clutch Expert scheme who are committed to delivering customer satisfaction and have a degree of knowledge and mechanical expertise, along with the necessary experience to carry out your clutch replacement.

Garages who do not have access to this Clutch Expert data could fit the wrong clutch to your car, or may install the right clutch incorrectly. Meaning your car is off the road for longer and could cost you more!

Valeo Clutch Expert service garage

Who is Valeo?

Valeo is one of the largest car parts manufacturers in the world. Many of the parts you find in your car are made by Valeo, from starting your car, to keeping your car cool on those hot days. Lighting your way home on a dark night to clearing rain from your windscreen; Valeo supplies these products to all the major car companies around the world.