Engine Diagnostics - waiting until this happens could be costly...Using the latest tools from Snap-on and Sun, Tyrrell Autos Ltd have the ability to identify and fix all problems associated with engine diagnostics. Effective fault diagnostics enables us to quickly identify any problem, and ensures the correct part is ordered first time.

Your modern motor vehicle is highly sophisticated; the need for accurate, fast and effective diagnosis of problems is critical.

Prevention is better than cure, and usually less expensive. That’s why we recommend that your vehicle has a diagnostic health check as part of its routine service.

Diagnostics – Vehicle Health Check

  • Diagnostic health checks can be performed in minutes
  • They can be part of your routine service, or as a pre-service check
  • In addition to engine related issues; SRS, ABS, Air Con and other systems can be checked
  • Hardcopy reports of the health check can be provided
  • A regular diagnostic health check can help identify pending component failure and possibly avoid costly repair bill in the future

The average family car may have as many as 20 microprocessors located around the vehicle. These processors are constantly monitoring and where necessary adjusting the operation of the vehicle while you’re driving. THIS IS GREAT… BUT, In the past when you noticed high revving, spluttering etc. you rushed to the garage. TODAY, your on-board diagnostic system is constantly making adjustments so YOU DON’T NECESSARILY know you have a problem. With a regular diagnostic health check you can avoid costly bills before a crucial breakdown happens.